Accountability Mutuality = Conflict Neutrality

When both sides of a conflict take 150% accountability for a mutually challenging experience – that is how alchemy occurs. Ultimately, that is the type of dynamic I’m interested in deeply investing into. 150% accountability for projecting onto each other 150 % accountability for misunderstandings 150% accountabilty for ping ponging the electricity upwards in intensity…

Zero F*cks to Give, Learning to Live

It’s such an amazing feeling to witness the tangible results of actively being a meticulous curator of your own experience. Self-sourcing from deep within, instead of seeking externally. It’s not that i “Give No F*cks” anymore, it’s just,… basically, that …i simply Have No F*cks Left to Give

Looks at books, enveloping hooks

There is just nothing like the woody, pulpy feel of turning pages beneath fingertips… the enveloping arc of character development … the all-consuming power of Story. In a portable package you can lug around. This is my favorite addiction.

Pen pals as inspiration stimulation

Someone asked me the other day how to most effectively cultivate their comfort and familiarity with their written voice, so they would be able to tap into inspiration more easily. I told them my trick, and I thought it would be nice to share it. The answer is simple – pen pals!! Find what stimulates you to do what you want to do. And do that. Good stuff!

We can DO it! (Power through it!)

It strikes me that the only thing that has ever stood in the way of me receiving the fruits of my soul’s desires is that I was carrying a feeling somewhere (in some hidden nook within me, perhaps my right knee that occasionally paralzes me), ..that told me I wasn’t good enough or didn’t deserve…