The Beauty Within, Under the Skin

Everyone is so beautiful and adorable! Yet how many people really believe that, and see that in themselves?

Life is Art. And beauty comes in so many shapes and forms. I notice that often when I look at people, I almost feel like i am looking at a painting in an art gallery.

Often the things that are stereotypically thought of as “beautiful” don’t attract me or excite my adoration as much as the features that many of us are trained to think of as “things to fix” or “flaws”

Recently I was talking to a random man, just a casual friendly conversation.Without meaning to objectify him, I noticed myself feeling delighted by his unusual nuanced physical details — as though I was examining a painting and appreciating the cleverness of the painter.

He had this amazing, huge nose, that had this fantastic protruding arc. It just delighted and fascinated me. Enjoying his company, I kept thinking how beautiful he was. Just like a sunset. He even had a slightly lazy eye, so one eye veered off to one side when he talked excitedly. It was amazing.

While of course he had many traditionally attractive qualities, It was his quirky little nuanced elements that sparked my delight. I really enjoyed the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled

I notice that most of us have a little laundry list of things we might wish to change about ourselves. But what if those very things were the things that were most endearing and attractive about us?

(Ultimately of course it is the invisible energetic facets of us that magnetize and attract)

Someday we’re all going to be wrinkly old folks, and I want to be so oriented towards the inner beauty, and appreciating the art of the outer form in all its unique quirkiness, that by the time i’m an old lady, it doesn’t bother me to have aged.

I find everyone, of every age and shape to be beautiful. Strikingly so.

Yet – somehow – if I look deeply at my internal narrative – most of my life i haven’t fully allowed myself to believe i was beautiful

That has at times taken the shape of me attracting some men into my life who casually critiqued and compared my body to their preferred ideal

Fortunately I have also had partners who would wake up next to me and see me at my grubbiest, no makeup, puffy face, dirty hair, sick, sleep deprived … and still look at me with that witnessing in their eyes that made me feel truly seen beneath my skin.

Still it seems superficial eyeballs are more common in this culture.

So I strive to seek the beauty in the unusual. Seek the beauty in the things culture judges. Seek the beauty in the soul. Seek the beauty in the “flaw”…. Deeply adore the gorgeousness of a multifaceted sculpture, on every level of its perfection, Just. As. It. Is.

I observe passers-by…. Appreciating the wildness of hair that sticks out in all directions, the furrow of a brow, the arch of a hunchback, the tender protrusion of a little pooched belly… the magnificent spackle of salt and pepper hair …

All these little things that we sometimes think we want to change – those seem to be the things i adore most.

Spirit is such a painter, such a sculptor, such an artist. So much beauty everywhere.

The more I see the beauty in everyone else, the easier it is to embrace my own, even as it fluxes, changes, and the tides of time sweep me up in her arms.

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was…


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