Zero F*cks to Give, Learning to Live

It’s such an amazing feeling to witness the tangible results of actively being a meticulous curator of your own experience.

Self-sourcing from deep within, instead of seeking externally.

Years ago, I used to chase the flow. I thought i was “free” but really i was enslaved to where ever the wind blew me …. i would “follow the flow” and chase the event, chase the opportunity, chase my dream, chase the party, chase the connection…

I always wanted to be around people, even if I didn’t feel aligned with them. I just didn’t want to be alone. I was feeding the hungry beast, trying to fill a cup with leaks in it. Dumping energy into a bottomless pit of wasted time.

I’d say yes to whatever event was happening, just wanting to feel like i was a part of something. I would bend over backwards to try and please everyone. I wanted to be liked. And I wanted to be of service.

Yet somehow i always felt like i was always giving myself away. Siphoning my energy Into an endless thirsty vacuum. Giving my power away.

And as a result, I never gained any traction forward in any of my real life goals. I floundered on the surface of life, craving the meaty depths of a relationship with my own soul.

Once i started intentionally choosing solitude, cultivating my relationship with the invisible force that animates my life, and intentionally curating my daily environment and experiences…, everything changed.

My focus expanded and my creative output accelerated. I was focused, so I had even more energy to be of service to people in my life who really needed me.

I was no longer leaking energy. 
I was no longer looking outside myself.
I discovered how to access my inner “Flowstate” instead of just the external “Flow”
It’s not that i “Give No F*cks”, it’s just,… basically, that …i simply Have No F*cks Left to Give about surface stuff

These day I could care less about popularity contests. I could care less if people like me or not. I care about being Authentic and true to myself.

Time is a precious valuable treasure. A priceless resource.

I spend my time on deep connections that stimulate growth and expansion … I spend my time being of service where I feel called. I spend my time with myself. I spend my time working on my projects, goals, and mission on the planet.

I curate my environment, and every moment of every day is precious to me. I look at how I used to leak energy left and right, but now I feel more like a tightly sealed container. Growing more tightly sealed with each choice I make.

I have a no bullshit policy, and when i say no to things that aren’t aligned, almost immediately by world gets flooded by so many YES experiences that it’s almost overwhelming.

Suddenly inspiration gushes and peak experiences start to come out of left field.
Suddenly profound, illuminating, inspiring, deep conversations show up to blast us open.

Self-curation of our personal portal vibration station is Everything.
It is All the Things.


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  1. Ilan says:

    All the things!!!

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