Violin ReBirth, What a Soul is Worth

HOORAY!! My sweet violin, Muddy, has come home to me at last after a long month at the luthier’s! I hadn’t been a day without her since I fell in love with her warm breathy tone 21 years ago!!

She fell a month ago and her 140 year old wood shattered at the tailpiece, along with multiple other damages that could potentially have destroyed her.

I literally cried like a helpless baby when I left her at the Luthier, and I wept again in sweet relief when I picked her up today!!! Wowsers.

When he brought her back to me I Hugged her tight in my arms and felt a visceral stabbing ache in my heart.

It felt like her wooden arboreal heart wrapping its energetic tendrils around mine… like a child who has been abandoned by its mother but is so relieved to be home.

Instruments are people too!!

She truly is a creature, a sentient being. She missed me as much as I missed her!!!

What a joyous reunion!!!!!

I can’t bear to play a composite plastic-y electric violin, (even though it would be easier for sound dynamics on stage), because to me the whole point of a violin is that it transmits the soul of the tree from which its wood was carved.

After she fell, shattering the tailpiece and its surrounding wood (due to a broken latch on her case, and some frayed velcro that clasped her neck), I was deeply concerned she might never be the same.

After a month spent with a grandfatherly old string wizard luthier, She is better than ever!! What a Miracle!

I have been renting (awful) squawking violins all month and it has been torture. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone (albeit temporarily – thank goodness!)

It cost over $1500 to fix her, but she has been with me my whole life, and she is priceless. Instruments have souls, as potent and palpable as the spirits of our human and animal friends.

I am a happy mama MaeMae!!! I am a mamabear, even though my child is made of wood.


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