Trips to Thailand, yours and MyLand

I arrived in Phuket Thailand late last night. Wow. It’s my first time!

Just… sigh…. it’s amazing being in a Buddhist country, where the sound of Ohm seems to permeate the air, coming out of the establishments I pass as I walk down the street.

I can feel my inner (subliminal, accidental) american attitudes become so glaringly blatant … and then just melt away…

It is a surrender of the density of intensity and anxiety that cakes us like a silent shroud in the states, no matter how much effort we put in to cope with it

We don’t even notice the pace of life in the states until we experience the stark contrast of a slower culture.


There is a cute little organic restaurant 2 minutes from my apartment, and this morning it took them 30 minutes just to bring me a pot of herbal tea, and then over an hour to bring my food.

(I was the only person in the restaurant)… oh holy opportunities for transmutation!

It was hilarious, watching myself get antsy, annoyed and impatient (granted, I was hungry)… and then (when faced with What Is -) to watch myself laugh and melt into the pervasive “ohm” coming from the sound system… and just observe my immediate gratification programming

I feel my heart melting Here. The anxiety I didn’t even notice I carried – just evaporating into the knowing of life’s goodness

I notice this lightness, this liberation , every time I leave the country, yet somehow when I am immersed in the states, I grow acclimated to the density.

You get used to the low level anxiety that permeates the grid in the US. You get used to the walls that form around your heart to guard you from the world.

Usually it takes a few days for me to fully receive the transformative healing rebirth of a new place, and unplug my energetic programming from the states.

Day 1 here, and I already feel it. Looking forward to more time here, getting deeper in touch with the essential core heartbeat of Life, in this beautiful country.

Annnnd the warm weather is a bonus!

The rebirthing never ends … day after day … and we melt into it.
Pure magic.


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