Scooter Crash / Brain Bash … Pining for the Silver Lining

Aaaaah I crashed my scooter and Banged the very top of my head! Owww! Got myself a nifty little brain bruise!!

Sooo… last night I got in a scooter accident (due to a faulty left brake and an accidental acceleration when attempting to engage the right brake).

This happened within 2 minutes of renting the bike. It was my first time scootering in 10 years…(and maybe my last…)

I was only headed 100 yards up the street from the rental spot, so I wasn’t wearing a helmet. My scooter accelerated out of control as i went around a sharp curve and fumbled at the questionable brake…, then I somehow swerved and my head went ***BANG*** and head-butted straight into a big thick wooden sign (while the bike continued further forward into a deep ditch).

I totally knocked down the whole sign. Wowsers. Yep. That happened! (I am a Capricorn, so I’d like to think it was my inner goat coming out to play)


The whole experience was kind of fascinating. My body went limp and (surprisingly gracefully) melted into slow motion surrender – into a puddle on the ground. It was my first accident. Woa. Overall Compassion level – UP!

I was watching the whole thing happen from this total Eckhart Tolle slow-mo observer space … It was totally Matrixy /crazzzy / fascinating…!!!

First , my inner observer was like… “oh, hmm this brake isn’t working… oh hmm, I am now somehow accelerating straight into that bigass sign… oh wow, this is really happening right now… ”

Then …

“Wow… my body is melting into a puddle of serene acceptance and intense presence, … ***IMPACT****…. oh wow, so this is the feeling of my brain clunking into my skull ….(“aww sweet little brain , it will all be ok, stay calm, I love you”)… ”


“oh wow this is like in the Matrix movie! … I am flying, in total slow motion, through the air…. (would this technically be called ‘hurtling through the air’ right now?)…. gosh I love words… boy I hope my brain doesn’t start bleeding … gosh I hope this doesn’t affect my ability to write or play music… maybe it will be a blessing and will make me more creative or suddenly able to speak a new language or play a new instrument? … fingers crossed’…”

To …

” oh wow, I feel so surrendered and peaceful , collapsed here in a puddle on the ground … to “oh wow there are 30 strangers gathered around right now”…


“oh my god, Mark is going to be so mad at me”

(my best friend, mentor, personal earth angel, Mark, forbade me to rent a motorscooter because he had a strong intuition and he said lots of people crash them and get seriously injured”).

Facepalm. I was warned.


Did I mention I managed to take down the whole huge sign, with my head? sign… damn… The bike kept going further into the deep ditch / mini ravine full of briars, so thank god for the sign being in the way – it stopped my body from following the bike.

It’s the little miracles that count!!! At least I am not at the bottom of a ditch covered in briars, having flown god-knows-how-far through the air!

This is wonderful!!! What a miracle!!

I’ve heard that drunk people don’t get as injured in car accidents because their body doesn’t tense up, so they stay limber and loose due to intoxication.

I was stone cold sober, but still, The body intelligence is so fascinating, because that’s exactly what my body did as it realized what was happening. It relaxed everything. (Talk about a great reminder that our body has a VERY sharp intelligence of its own, and a capacity to take care of itself, and also communicate)

After the shock wore off I got a bit scared for a second! But mostly I felt eerily calm and in good humor ….

Had a little headache (um, yeah, maybe because i head butted a thick piece of wood..) so my Air BnB landlord (who saw the whole thing happen from his scooter in front of me) kindly took me to the hospital across the island. Fortunately the doctor didn’t feel I needed a CAT scan.

FOR REALZ though, I am taking this all in as a miracle, and a perfect circumstance. As an invitation from life to slow down and be more present and go deeper into my inner body.

Ever since it happened i have been perpetually deep breathing and chi gonging and energy circulating and reiki-ing and stretching my achy body, … and it is a reminder that my soul desires to embody by perpetually doing all these things , anyway!!

I am choosing to lens the experience as a bonk on my seventh chakra, to zap open my connection to the cord of cosmic light that is always pouring in through it anyway… maybe the jolt just sloughed off some energetic residue that was blocking my small self’s connection to my higher self / source!

I felt so soft and tender, so vulnerable and caring, towards myself and others.

I am truly feeling grateful for the heart-opening, cheerful, soul softening that the the aftermath of this experience induced.

We must SLOOWWWW DOwwwwnnnn, (sayeth the universe) and connect consciously to the energy body within , (all the time), so we don’t get Tough Love reminders.

First life’s messages knock. Then they bang. Then they bludgeon the door down! POW! annnd Message received.

(My knee got bruised pretty badly, too, so I am gimping around, forced to slow down, oooohh funnnyyy stufff)

My sweet homie Amae Love raced over to stay with me for the night so I didn’t have to be alone, just in case the brain bruise turned into anything more dangerous while I slept.

Thank you life, that I am ok!!! Thank you that We are alive!!!!

Thank god! Whew! New eyeballs, extra grateful today for health and wellbeing and blessings!

Annnnd I will be bicycling around for the rest of my Trip! … yepper pepper, that’s real.

#brainbruise #owie #miraclescomeinmanyforms #lookingforthesilverliningandfindingit #scootershmooter #eyeballsofgratitude
#newleaseonlife #lessonslearned

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