A Thailand Tale – Motor-scootering through the Veil

Wow! The warmth and friendliness of the Thai people is blowing my mind!

A total stranger just loaded me on the back of her motorscooter behind her and her 2 year old son, and drove me up and down the streets of Phuket, trying to find my yoga class. And wouldn’t even accept a penny!

Rewind – so I just took a cab into the middle of a random neighborhood far from my air Bnb, to take a yoga class.

The cab dropped me off at the wrong place, at a kindergarten facility. I went in and asked the ladies where my yoga address was located. Mind you, none of them spoke English. I was just pointing to an address on my phone (which turned out to be on one of the random back streets)

One of the mothers who was there picking up her 2 year old child beckoned me to follow her, and offered me a ride. I floated after her, thinking – logically – it would be a ride in a car.


Imagine my surprise when she put her son on her lap and motioned for me to get on the back of her teeny tiny motorscooter.

Doing new and scary things often feels like standing at the edge of a precipice, about to cliff dive. You hesitate for a moment, then you just say “fuck it!” (In Phuket, no less).

I have been fending off the anxious panic that seems to occasionally accompany being a woman alone in a foreign country. And yet I chose it specifically to challenge me and make me grow.

I Savor the challenge and the expansion that comes with choosing bravery in the face of fear …but I also observe the occasional overwhelm.

As my new friend went careening up and down bumpy dirt roads, into ramshackle neighborhoods in search of the elusive address, I found myself breathing into a moment of panic and worst-case-scenario

(“Could she be taking me to someplace to rob me? Was this an unwise decision?”)

… which was Replaced by my inherent trust in my intuition, faith the goodness of humans, and trust in my guardian angel army.

So I actively replaced my fear narrative with a giggle of truth –

“These adventures are the fabric of your life! Push your comfort zone! Enjoy this!!”

And a few minutes later we pulled up to the address at last – a dilapidated gate that hid a gorgeous home yoga studio behind it.

My new mamabear Thai friend, whose name I never got, waved cheerily and rejected the money I offered her. She zipped off merrily into the distance as I shouted “thank you!!!” after her over and over. Her little 2 year old waving happily goodbye.

Whatttt just happened….?

So here I am. At the mercy of the kindness of strangers. An hour early for my yoga class. About to stretch my achy muscles.

And feeling very, very, stretched. In all the internal comfort-zone-pushing ways.

Here’s to saying YES to the adventure, and experiencing a life fully lived!


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