Music video for my song “The Seer”

Amongst other things, I enjoy creating music videos. Spontaneously. Randomly.

I am about to upgrade my camera, but for the time being, I just pop my HD flipcam in my pocket where ever I go, and when i see a location that strikes my fancy, I plop down my little guerilla tripod, pull out my iPhone as a music source, and shamelessly dance and lip synch my way around various locations along with songs I’ve recorded.

Often there are people walking past, many times i draw a crowd of onlookers … but the shameless performer in me gets a giggle out of it, and I usually end up making new friends or having jams afterwards on the side of the street with my violin and whatever noise makers my new friends have handy.

Then I get home, sort through the visual mayhem , hop on  Final Cut Pro, and edit away.

When I was traveling around Europe last summer, that’s exactly what I did for my song “The Seer”

In Israel, Spain, England and Morocco, I found ancient castles, statues, landmarks, and even a Stonehenge or two. Or one. Anyway, it was glorious.

Check it out!

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