Puppy Love, Fitted Glove


What a gift animals are to the planet.It’s just impossible to feel anything except elevated when you are surrounded by 4 affectionate dogs who are perpetually nuzzling and cuddling and kissing and snuggling you!

I spent decades of my formative years chasing down every last dog I saw in sight to scratch their ears and massage their little bodies.

While my petting persistence is not quite as thorough these days, I’m still a glutton for affection!

In relationships with the people I am close to, I am as consistent and affectionate as a puppy.

Being around my brother and sister’s amazing dogs reminds me of where i learned it from!


Petting animals creates the sensation of a big huge snuggly cocoon enveloping your whole being like a snugly fitted glove.
There’s no such thing as too much affection with those you love! More love! Wrroooffffff!

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