Baby magnetism vs. idealized romanticism


Try as I might to deny my biological nature and insist that I am here to be a mama to the world’s inner children, (and will never have itty bitties of my own sprouting in my womb)… Just put me in a room with my Adorable 6 month old nephew and all I can do is coo and squeak and woof and exclaim “Babiesssss!!!!”

I just arrived in Vermont and came face to face with my very first nephew, for the very first time!!!!

Cooper Wilde Strite, my brother’s precious perfect little miniature human / bunny rabbit! Known as “Coop.” (ok, am i biased or was that a super duper excellent job done naming a child? Too cute!)

I have a list a mile long that gets activated during a random child’s screaming temper tantrum in public,… which goes something like … “reason number 742 NOT to have babies”…

But put me in a room with the cutest little big eyeballed mini man in the world, and I am just a puddle of nurturing mush and kisses and exclamations of love! “Who’s a little monkey!? who’s my little man!? Who’s the most precious little creature in the Universe?”. Suddenly the mere act of smiling becomes cause for clapping and celebration.

Sigh. (Squeak!) Try as I might to rationalize the reasons I don’t want to bring a child into this iPhone laden world of chaos and climate change (not to mention that I have so many focused goals and art creations that I feel compelled to give birth to in my lifetime that would be seriously hampered by my maternal devotional nurturing nature’s inevitable consumption with a child, should I choose to procreate)… The fact is that I. Love. Children!!!

And there is undeniably some part of me deep down in the tip of my left toe that was simply born to be a mother. My mom is an absolute superhero mother extraordinaire, and i was trained for it by her example since birth.

For now I am a mama and a Mary Poppins to the friends I love, and I am a mama to my artistic endeavors. I suppose I cannot reasonably consider or negate the potentiality of little offspring taking up residence in my tummy until I fall in love with my life mate (minor detail!) – so there’s not much to worry about at this point in life.

It’s just funny to see how the brain and the heart and the biological imperative essential nature of our Beings are not always in agreement.

And how quickly all my generalizations and rationalization and stances on important life matters fly right out the window in the face of this chubby cheeked, big eyeballed alien.

Alright. I surrender. I love babies! (But I don’t want one anytime soon!!!!) but I am a nurture mama. Can’t deny my nature. Soooooooo CUTE!!!!

I have a HugE crush!!!!! Who knew it could be so exciting to watch a child stand up?

My baby brother is all grown up! When did that happen? He’s a papa bear!

Baby squeals are filling the air, and I think I feel my ovaries tingling. Earmuffs on the ovaries! Earmuffs on the ovaries! Nooooooo! Biological clocks ain’t got nothin on my me.

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