Video recipe for instant raw SUGARFREE superfood ICE CREAM! Woohoo!

Just because you want to be uber healthy doesn’t mean you need to leave behind all your favorite foods!

As a passionate raw foodist, I love to control every ingredient that enters my body, and make sure it is straight from mother earth, and loaded with all the top notch nutrients that my body needs! I also am trying to cut sugar out of my diet – Who knew I could still indulge in 5 minute home made ice cream that would ROCK my WORLD!?

I make this on the daily. It’s EPIC! You’ve GOT to make it!

Check out this recipe video I just made for my instant home made uber creamy RAW SUGARFREE superfood ice cream!! All done in just a few minutes in a vitamix blender!

It is so ridiculously delicious you won’t believe that every single ingredient is nutritiously crucial and excellent for your body’s top notch needs!

It’s a daily crucial staple of my diet, and SO wonderfully indulgently marvelous for the body mind and soul! I love ICE CREAM! Here’s how to make it healthy! Woot woot!

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