We had to be who we were

We had to be who we were in order to become who we Are.


This simple truth never fails to bring me peace of mind when I find myself cringing at some old glimpse of a former incarnation of Self.

Maybe it was an old music video I shot when I was just figuring out how to film, or edit, or express my music visually. A snippet of time or art that was painfully awkward… or filmed on a bad camera…or just … objectively cringe-worthy

Maybe it was someone I saw who told a story and reminded me of how I was embodying back when I was getting stoned a lot, and was super ungrounded.

Maybe it was just a flinch of self criticism that snuck in the tear me down and bring me out of the moment.

So often these moments of self loathing creep in to try and drag us out of the present. But we must not let them. We must accept every step along our path.

Every “bad” choice. Every awkward moment. Every immaturity conquered. Every flaw yet to be fixed. Every. Single. Aspect. Of. This. Perfect. Journey. Homeward. Towards our own potential.

These backwards reflections can be so so so painful. But they are not who we are. They are who we were in a fleeting moment of a dynamic life experience.

Thank goodness for growth. Thank goodness for lessons. Thank goodness for the journey that brought us here. Now.

Because this is the only place worth being. In this moment.

Here. Now.

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