The Direction of Perfection’s Intersection


I find my medicine in the expression of the written word. When I feel overwhelmed or confused or emotional, if I sit and let my heart fly out of my fingertips, suddenly the charge of electricity moves through me and I am centered again in serenity.

This delicate dance between faith and fear occasionally feels like walking a tightrope balance, in this wild world. I rarely experience dis-ease in myconsciousness anymore, so I know when I do it is my opportunity to practice my tools of transmutation, and grow stronger. It’s like being in self-control boot camp 101. Control our reactions.

That has been my lesson from all angles of the universe lately. Take. Charge. Of. My. Reactions.

In general daily life I feel effortlessly centered in my serenity and cheerful optimism … trusting with perfect faith that the propaganda machine cannot touch our Inner knowing of Truth.

And then on days like today, when I go into the city … when I have declared to myself that i want to be a pivot point between abstract and material realms … when I am inundated with people talking about tragedy and conspiracy theory and fact and disturbing news of Agriculture in bed with Military…

…on days like these I feel like I am wavering between my natural state of cheerful jubilance, and simultaneously on the edge of being out of breath, knot in the pit of my stomach twisting like a fist is grinding into my belly.

Today I have found myself worrying about the future and my loved ones, eyes momentarily filling with overwhelmed tears … then promptly welling up with a superhero sensation of being utterly prepared to transcend these feelings with pure Faith in the perfect Path that has guided us thus far.

I always come back to trusting the necessary polarity between light and dark – the dark gets darker and the light gets lighter. I always come back to my inner knowing – that all is Perfect, and that we are alchemists, transmuting energies with conscious intent.

I will not give them what they want. I will not let them get the best of me. I will not allow the to feed off of my personal battery of Power and Energy, molding me to their fear based will.

I will not buy into the story projected by the man behind the curtain. (what man? Don’t the mystics say everything is inside of us…?)

And I am met again by my old friend, abstract reality, and I always come back to that as my ultimate truth. (Is abstraction only a right brained association, and “reality” is left brained? I am not so sure)

I find comfort for these monsoons in the written word. Somehow, gypsy minstrel nomadic wandering hermit that I am, I find my home inside of my Inner World.

Some people have homes built of plywood and brick. I have a home built of poems and contemplations, and optimism, and wordplay, and translations of the sensations I feel in my heart.

Days like today, I feel extra sensitive to the spike in the collective consciousness of Pain, and i feel it inside of my body …. And I feel it is a LIE. I feel it is being done on purpose to puppet us.

And I say. BLEEP NO. What an excellent opportunity to go within.

Go within, go within … there, nothing can touch the seeds of intention planted in our bellies. There, Nothing can touch the Essential Nature of our Souls. Only from that space can we make a difference in the world.

“They” want us paralyzed. “They” want us anxious and outraged.

Bleep Them. BLEEP “THEM”. I am strong. I am powerful. You are strong. You are Powerful. We are invincible in our faith.

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