Puppy Petting – ZAP that Mood 101


Self care 101 – for personal frequency maintenance –

*~i~*<< PET AN ANIMAL >>*~i~*

I have puppy slobber all over my hands, and all is well with the world.

After I graduated from college, there was a period of time where I pretty much didn’t want to exist anymore.

Many things contributed to that depression:

  1. My college love (and first man I’d ever slept with) cheating on me right before last semester, senior year – with an actual prostitute.
  2. The subsequent torturous months spent rebuffing his apologies and flaking out on all my classes, in a haze of betrayal and heartache
  3. The torrid makeup sex that occurred when I forgave him and took him back a month before graduation.
  4. The discovery of my pregnancy the day before my graduation ceremony.
  5. The abortion I had a week later.
  6. Our breakup a week after that.
  7. Countless vacant temp jobs.
  8. My college best friend fading away into obscurity with her new “corporate” friends.

(“WELCOME to the real world, MaeMae”)

My solution to the overwhelmed sense of lostness that followed, was to go nearly every day to fly kites at the park, and then to go to the local puppy shelter, and pet animals.

This simple act kept me alive when it seemed no one in the world knew how to comfort me. I would cry into their fur and receive the unconditional love of puppy breath, nose licks, and devotional newborn adoration.

I kept my love cup filled by puppy affection, as a way to keep myself alive.

Every day I would tell the workers that i was considering adopting. Months later, I stopped even making excuses. They knew I had no intention of bringing one home. God they must have thought i was so weird.

(I was weird.)

Fortunately these days I have less grief and drama and hormonal angst in my life. But puppies still remain a constant source of comfort.

Answer. 😉



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