Perception becomes conception, reality is not finality!

That which we will not question is that which we are uncertain of.

I am always grateful for that deep sigh within myself … the unbristling of the quills of self protection…, the willingness my soul has to look at what lessons and reflections the universe of offering me for my own growth… (especially when confronted with challenges)

When I think I know who a person is, or what a circumstance looks like … I box myself in. But When I take that deep breath and allow my consciousness to expand and see from a 360% angle, see all the possible perspectives … recognize that my version of reality has been distorted by the inherent nature of limited perspective ….

it is like the corset of life loosens ever so slightly. And I can taste Home on my tongue. The home we ache for when we want to crawl back into the womb, and from there back into the star cluster we were swimming in when we were conceived.

How do I perceive, and thus conceive my reality?

Owning that – There is satisfaction and peace there.

I love to question what i think I know. It is a good thing. Zees eez a very good thing…. And from here we unravel …

Peeling, healing, self revealing!

Peeling, healing, self revealingImage

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  1. m3thodical says:

    Nice article! Thanks for sharing!

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