Left / right brain balancing- not so challenging!

There’s always the IN breath and the OUT breath. We can’t judge either one.

For several years I have been functioning using dominantly the Right side of my brain – the creative, the abstract, the surrendered-to-the-flow aspect of my potential. Music, writing, video editing – this is how I spend

Looking back at my collegiate self, I knew i was capable of being active in both hemispheres … but I had somewhat shut down my identification with the Left.

I didn’t realize that this left me functioning not fully in my power – not fully multidimensional.

I also see where it was a crucial aspect of my cocoon .. strengthening my butterfly wings so that when the cocoon burst, i had the inner strength and grounding in metaphysics to be able to root those principles in the “real world”, and make and impact bridging the worlds. That is my intention.

I could not ignore when in recent weeks, I was offered an onslaught of stimuli to trigger me back into the activated usage of my dormant analytical critical thinking left brain.

I believe in the beauty of the pendulum swing – life activates our full embodiment of each polarity so that we can be fully familiar and immersed in both, and then find the middle ground of balance.

I feel like a bystander in the process … amused and grateful.

For example –
I used to be overly affectionate and uber open and over-the-top friendly and trusting of everyone. Then I went through trauma and became mistrusting and self protective and shut down.

— I feel now that i am emerging from that polarity, carrying the best of both worlds – I feel very open hearted – but I am armed with discernment about who I allow into my field.

I used to be very active in “trying to save the world” by doing social activism, identifying with the Macro and perpetually outputting energy to go volunteer with philanthropic organizations and outreach programs..

….Then I contracted and for several years went deeply within, identifying almost entirely with the abstraction of the metaphysical microcosm … working to heal my miniature planet, and the aspect of me that was being reflected in all Beings –

(making art out of looking at the world within me).

Now I find myself standing in the center, holding each orb in one hand, both pulsing with light.

I used to shun money and participation in the monetary system, finding ways to minimize all possessions and exchange my energy in barter, learning to live off the grid. …

….Now I find that i am curious to learn about the inner workings of the stock market, and the way the strings of the world are being pulled – knowing full well that functioning outside the system is possible. Embracing both polarities without denying either’s existence or current validity.

I used to focus on only writing lyrics. Now i am growing interested in cultivating my craft of Melody.

So many dichotomous aspects of potential to harmonize, so little time!

I find it very exciting to be present inside of my Being and receive life’s lessons for my multidimensional well-rounded expansion with open arms – receiving and implementing that which feels True … Discarding that which feels out of alignment …

Welcoming it all!

I am embracing that am simply not a Hippie anymore! I am a full blown woman, who contains aspects of hippie mentalities, but there is so much more.

I have been hiding behind that for years, all the while realizing that it didn’t feel like a whole and complete way of showing up.

I love embracing those unknown places that beckon my expansion. I love it, i love it, I love it.

I cannot wait to become ever more well-rounded, forging a bridge between the abstract and the material realms. Grounding my principles in the real world instead of having one tip toe in reality, and my head in the ethers.

we are capable of all things – and I so enjoy the slow and gentle harmonization of dichotomy!


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