Embody the Engima (poetry)



By Maesyn


We are hot blooded creatures
of bone and electric potential.
We require exploration
like a thick skinned
Or a cavernous sea.


My depth requires an argonaut to scry within its ocean.
My ribs require ten tender fingers prying with devotion.
O stir the cauldron of my earth with spatulas of motion.
Flaring from eyes, hot fire sighs by searing saline potions

Earth wisdom must be deeply sought with open ears of vision,
my moons and tides swum fearlessly, despite wave’s cool collision
Seek, find and purify by witnessing my skin of Elements
Embody the enigma and embrace effortless elegance

Here she rests
The goddess
Not waiting to be witnessed
Witnessing herself


(waiting patiently to be witnessed)

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