We can DO it! (Power through it!)

It strikes me that the only thing that has ever stood in the way of me receiving the fruits of my soul’s desires is that I was carrying a feeling somewhere (in some hidden nook within me, perhaps my right knee that occasionally paralzes me), ..that told me I wasn’t good enough or didn’t deserve it.

WHAAaatt? If someone talked to my friend like that I’d box their ears! (well, not really, but I’d be more than just indignant)


In recent days I found myself shedding those absurd self inflicted blinders day by day, feeling daily a deeper and deeper (effortless calm, simple, bursting) FAITH in myself … in the purity of my heart …in my purpose and dreams … in the  and in my intentions to Be of Service to Humanity by sharing the gifts I was given.

I have been Actually taking a deep breath and melting into the fullness of my surrender to FAITH. (the size of a mustard seed is all we need!)… And life circumstances have been lining up at the door to affirm my positive outlook with matching occurrences of magic!

The universe gets to experience life through and As us, so of course it wants to experience life in it’s full potential of wildest dream awesomeness!!! We are its animated puppets!

We just have to realize that not only do we deserve it, it is our duty to accept and receive our own worthiness, so that spirit might use us to experience itself. Woo hoo!

We are worthy! Sigh! Deep sigh! Whooooooshhhhh.

You can do it! Whatever “it” is for you – you CAN and WiLL!

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