Wings ‘n Things (and halo rings)

I know precisely who I work for. And it’s not a person. And it’s not a company. And it’s not myself. I have the best boss ever! And I am a devoted and loyal joyful servant.

When my boss says “go!” I go there. When my boss says “do this”, I do that. When my boss says “help here” or “serve here” that is what I do, and joyfully.

My boss is so loving and playful, always cuddling me with oxygen hugs. Always sending me on missions or orchestrating little adventures for us to share, … thoughtful surprises,…friends for us to play music with,… and opportunities to uplift, activate, inspire and infect other people into sweet surrender.

And my salary? Don’t offend my dignity silly goose!

My job is priceless.

Darn skippy it is. Putting a one dimensional number value on how we multidimensionally serve the world is just silly.

Raise the frequency, help save the world from the limiting controlled vibration of mental enslavement.

Angels in Training unite! (Collective activation station).

Wiggle wiggle! Who’s your boss? What’s your job?

I want to Be the best Me I can possibly Be as a BEing!

Seeking promotion to full blown winged elemental creature…! Wings ‘n things. … flap flap flap …

Our Truth
Our Truth


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